Notes from the Neighbors

Notes from the Neighbors From Notta Louden: Things my neighbor’s kids, Lydia and Shrap, have learned from the past year*

a. Love is love; what else could it be? People need to stop twisting it into something comfortable for them alone.

b. The only people who “eat with their eyes” are food snobs and children who aren’t about to eat whatever you put in front of them anyway.

c. If you misplace things (books you mean to read, tools you planned to use), chances are you are not supposed to have them right now. Move on. If and when it’s time, you’ll find them again.

d. There’s very little sense human violence. A lot of fear, but not much sense.

e. Whenever I hear someone say, “S/he’s G-d’s gift to mankind,” I always think, ‘Nah, G-d can do better.”

· Getting these two to talk is like pulling teeth, so I had to take what I could get. There will be more – I’m twice as stubborn as they are!

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