More Notes from the Crone House

More Notes from the Crone House

  1. Following up on my husband’s advice and tuna salad: garlicky or onion-y dishes are also no fun to re-inhale through your mask. Then again, it may give you some idea of what others have to endure after you ingest such pungent food. Tip: mouthwash or at least a breath mint helps!

2. One would really hope that with “opening up” coming soon, folks would remember their manners and how foolish they looked hoarding toilet paper and butting into line when this all came down.

3. One would hope folks remember their decency and set “Me First” aside for volunteering to help.

4. One hopes. We’re still allowed to do that, aren’t we?

5. I repeat for the “acceptable” demonstrators with their AR-15s or whatever prop their using for a personality: Masks really are a sign of respect. If you find it too much, with too many people up in your business and threatening your individualistic rights, perhaps life as a survivalist would suit you better. We’ll get along fine without you.

6. Those who have seen the execrable videos of police and other white men murdering their African-American brothers and sisters, then watch the peaceful videos, and then only complain about the after-dark looting have a convenient, and rather poor, memory of our US history. Shame on you!

7. Another repeat seems needed here because our US version of Nero and his lackeys are fiddling with his tweets while the country burns: Only those who have been tested will know for sure if they are infected or not. Testing is our only way of successfully dealing with this. The doctors say it, the nurses say it. Politicians don’t, but when was the last time, when your child had whooping cough or you were in a bad accident, that you consulted a politician? Yeah, me neither.

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