Notta's Notes on Failing

Notta’s Notes on Failing

  1. You will fail at something. Period. Everyone does.

2. It’s going to hurt. Slather it in bravado or blame everybody but yourself for the failure- it’s still gonna hurt.

3. Learn from the hurt. The child who touches a hot pan usually learns not to touch hot things again. Those who don’t learn aren’t really right in the head.

4. You have choices. You always have choices. Guns to the head situations are rare, and usually in the movies. Remember which side of the screen you’re on.

5. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Most cases, even then, it’s an illusion. Deal with what’s real. If you insist on perfect, go for what’s perfect for you.

6. You can’t live your life worrying that you failed your family, or your congregation or any group. You will fail at something and they will have to deal with it. You go back and reread #3.

7. The only thing you should never fail at is: BEING KIND. Be kind to yourself and kind to others.

8. Everyone will fail at something in their lives. If you see someone who’s failed, be at least as kind to her or him as you would wish s/he would be to you.

9. Remember #4, too. Take your time and don’t fail to make the choice that is right for you.

10. Choose to try again. Or walk away if you must, but don’t ever stop learning, living and loving. Not ever.

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