10 Handy Responses When Someone Tells You to Lighten Up

  1. I’m part mushroom; I grow in the dark.

  2. Sorry, my emotional batteries are running low and I think I blew a Pollyanna bulb.

  3. Stop pushing my “off” buttons and I will try.

  4. Why? Are you so frightened of my darkness?

  5. The last time I did that, we singed the cat.

  6. I think we have enough “lights in the wilderness.” It’s called light pollution. Not good.

  7. But all my best friends come to me in the dark.

  8. You go on being Little Mx. Sunshine; I would only be superfluous.

  9. OK, I can turn my brain off and ‘lighten up.’ Then what?

  10. Here’s some Cool Whip (whipped cream, if you prefer). That light enough for you?

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