New Year's Resolutions, II

We’re two days into the New Year 2019. The gratuitous narcissism in our nation’s Capitol continues, as does the grandstanding and assorted gray-hair-causing stupidity. Hunger and hopelessness still reign worldwide, but most obviously in the Middle East and Africa. Brexit continues to bruise reputations in Britain and our environment continues to be endangered, thanks to the fools who tape thousand dollar bills, over their eyes and ears.

So none of this was rectified by the ball dropping in Times Square at midnight two nights ago. Wars did not stop. Food did not get through to the starving. Blind, ignorant hatred did not end. The miracle did not happen. Is anyone surprised? Did we really expect it to happen in the swish and flick of some governmental wand? Or was it a flash of spiritual awakening that we expected, washing down with all that New Year’s Eve rain? It is, as the King of “The King and I” used to say, a puzzlement.

Not much has changed in this blog’s sphere, either, come to that. Sarge yodels (or gargles, there is a debate on this) after every visit to the water bowl. Laundry and dishes are a constant, as are the needlework projects. There is always something to be cleaned, cooked, donated, eaten, fed, grown, handled, investigated, or written. Such things likely do not change so long as life and breath continue. Like the world’s events, the stroke of midnight and the New Year did not change a thing.

Strangely, though I still feel hopeful, positive that change can happen. Why? Well, let me start with one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes:

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”1

The quote offers a solution that is forever lost on those of us who want someone else to fix things; and, when it’s not fixed by some arbitrary deadline, someone else to blame (Heaven forbid we blame ourselves! If the Orange Fool in the White House will never blame himself, why should we?). Trouble is, that is precisely where the change has to happen; in ourselves, in our lives, in our relationships with others.

To that end, I’ve replaced the traditional New Year’s Resolutions List I habitually make with some pointed (and yes, anagrammatic) goals. None are especially original, but I hope they are effective, even in my limited sphere of influence:

  1. Goal: speak and write what is True2.

  2. Goal: offer aid and advice only if it is Helpful.

  3. Goal: make sure what I share is Important.

  4. Goal: evaluate situations and my reactions to determine what is Necessary

  5. Goal: above all, follow Kurt Vonnegut’s dictum: “G-d damn it, you’ve got to be Kind.”3

Wishing all success in their attitude changes this New Year of 2019!

  1. ­­Angelou, Maya. January 2, 2019.

  2. Unlike Mr. Giuliani, I do believe in Truth.

  3. Vonnegut, Kurt. January 2, 2019.

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