Some Things on which I WISH I could Change My Mind

Yeah About That:

Some Things on which I WISH I could Change My Mind

  1. People who abuse children, the elderly, animals or any life weaker than themselves aren’t really people. They gave up any right to humanity the millisecond they raise hands or voices in violence. Can they be reclaimed? I don’t know. It may be like the psychologists’ light bulb – only if they want to be reclaimed.

2. The men in Congress, state/local government and other governing bodies who think they have the right to tell every woman what to do with her body need to get another hobby.

3. I doubt I will ever hold, let alone, own a gun. I truly wish they had never been invented.

However, I understand hunting for food and protecting one’s own. That being said, I also believe that trophy hunters should have to qualify for permits by being hunted themselves for 24 hours.

4. The people who insist they must have a military grade, automatic and semi-automatic weapon for civilian “use” are probably compensating for the puniness of some bodily organ. My money is on the brain.

5. It has come to that should another gunman to put a gun to our Congress’s collective head while the NRA and other lobbyists were stuffing money in Congress’s pocket, I honestly do not know that Congress would not say, “Go ahead, shoot.” Then again, perhaps they already do that.

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