One Reason Why

Yeah About That:

One Reason Why

“I read your questions from last week,” Notta told me before our first class in this new year. “Good questions, all of them.”

“Got any answers?” I asked over my printer complaining that it was out of paper again.

“Well, you know, men wrote the Bible,” she said. “Probably the other religions’ holy books, too.”

“You don’t think Scripture is the written word of God?”

“Maybe it is, but humans had to put it on paper. And those were men.” She sighed.

“Can’t say I’ve heard of much Scripture that was written by women.”

“Some scholars say there was a woman who contributed to the Torah,” I said. “They give her the initial ‘J.’”

“Nice for you,” Notta said. She winked at me. “Yeah, well whatever she contributed, they rewrote somewhere else to make sure the men came out on top.”

“Sometimes actually,” I joked, “considering how many lists of sons and grandsons are offered.” She laughed. “What I still don’t understand, though, is why women are held in such low esteem unless they obey their menfolk and/or have multiple children?”

“You go back to the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve getting thrown out of it,” Notta said. “God says Adam rules over Eve. Personally, I think that’s all men getting revenge.”

“For what? Eve listening to the snake and eating the fig?”

Notta sighed and I sensed she knew I was setting up her answer. I don’t know if she appreciated it, though. “She ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, right?”


“She picked the fruit and ate it and then gave some to her husband.”

“That’s the story.”

“That was Eve’s sin.”

“What was?”

“She got the knowledge

. Not a man in history could stand that.” She waggled her finger at me. “Think about it. You know I’m right.”

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