10 Things

Yeah About That:

10 Things I’ve always found a Bit Strange

  1. How electric power goes out in the middle of the day, and there are windows aplenty, but everyone scrambles for their flashlights and cell phones.

2. That most of us work in places of constant sound, be it machines whirring or banging, people chattering, or whatever one’s taste is music is blaring. Yet, when we get home to a quiet house, the first thing often done is turn on more noise, as if Silence is the Enemy.

3. Why somebody actually thought giving a car as a Christmas present was a good idea; stranger still, why some people believe it. I’m not a Christian, but I have enough understanding of the holiday to wonder exactly how cars fit into the picture.

4. That the level of one’s IQ seems inversely related to one’s social conscience.

5. Piggy-backing on #1, as soon as there’s a break in work or class or anything, people reaching for their cell phones.

6. Posts showing up on Facebook or other social media about how there is no privacy anymore.

7. The posturing and gas-bagging about the need for better and higher education so America can lead the world again – little secret, folks, we don’t anymore and haven’t for a while – all done by the same people who either make it almost impossible to achieve that education or refuse to change the system their tangle of “accountability” has broken.

8. That the “proven path” to most anything (weight loss, publishing, financial success) rarely proves passable.

9. That, even in a household of two, socks go missing in the dryer. I go barefoot most of the year, and I still have orphans in my sock drawer.


Not to mention that skeins of yarn seem to spontaneously reproduce. I’ve used up countless of them, only to find another boxful.

Explain these to me if you like, or not. I’ve also found it strange that fewer and fewer people can deal with uncertainty. Me, I’m OK with it.

Uncertainty keeps life interesting.

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