Yeah. About That.


About That

It’s been that kind of a week. Hellos and goodbyes and what in the name of sanity do I do now? Hello to a new schedules and adaptations to maneuver through the schedule. Goodbye to the four wonderful people I had for brush-up class for a few short months. Hello to new books and projects. Goodbye to old standbys and, it seems from watching the rest of the world, a degree of sanity. Hello to the latest salvo of lies or “alternative facts” and goodbye to decent human behavior.One does wonder…

  1. ODW – why having eyes glued to the latest versions of scripted reality streaming on one’s i(diot)phone so that you mutilate family haircuts and your lawn is seen as a good thing?

  2. ODW – if the Powers That Be (PTB) continue hiking up the educational bar until it brushes their ivory-towered feet, what will become of the fish who can’t climb that baobab?

  3. ODW – if anyone noticed I did mix metaphors in #2?

  4. For that matter, ODW how many know what a metaphor is, and what is literal or actual truth? I’m not really expecting fish to climb trees and I suspect, provided they are sober, sane or off drugs, neither do the PTB.

  5. ODW – precisely how many lies do the various White House Spokesmen and women tell on a daily basis? The count for the State of the Union Speech that wasn’t was 51 in 61 minutes, but I would hazard a guess that from the “surrogates” the rate is much higher.

  6. ODW – if anyone knows what a baobab is? Or tried to read and understand The Little Prince ?

  7. Last one, so you have one a day, to hopefully balance out the lies referenced in #5, ODW when the words one has to repeat and repeat and repeat will finally get heard and considered?

  8. The People are still waiting.

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