One Does Wonder

Week 81

Yeah. About That.

One Does Wonder (ODW)

  1. ODW why it is that one spends hours writing an entry for a blog, saves it, and then finds the computer has thought better of it and not saved a damned word.

  2. ODW how it is my cat knows precisely which keys to walk across to totally screw up the formatting on nearly every document he “blesses” with his paw prints.

  3. ODW why it is that one or another assumes that, if there is TV in a room, it must be turned on, even if someone else is trying to read or write quietly.

  4. ODW why business success is defined by today’s bottom line, when it is the people who build the business with their knowledge and experience.

  5. ODW when reading became more word-calling and less thinking.

  6. ODW when the term “Ugly American” stopped meaning the engineer who listened and helped the Sarkhanese in the 1958 eponymous (look it up, folks) novel and took on the negative tones of the benignly silly Frank Burns in ”M*A*S*H” at best to the Collection of Deplorables who insist they are in charge in Washington, D.C. these days at worst.

  7. ODW why we are willing to settle for at worst.

  8. ODW if mathematicians are really normal people (after teaching math for nearly two years, I have my doubts).

  9. ODW where an acceptable and WORKABLE intersection of innovation and accountability is located.

ODW whatever happened to our “paperless society”?

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