Yeah. About That.

Week 79

About That.

I turned 60 last weekend. I mention it as a matter of fact, not to elicit any more comments than I’ve had like “Oh, the big six-oh!” Funny how all the ages past 30 now have to be noted with the number in the tens place and “oh!” I suppose it’s short for, “Oh my G-d! You’re getting old!” Then there’s “Sixty is the new forty.” Folks, I’d be grateful if my body like it was forty, but the carcass has been turning on me for about eight years now. I’m 60 with silver in my hair, gold in my teeth, lead in my , and we’re not going to go into then natural gas thing.

Still, I have my eyes and my mind isn’t totally gone. It’s all simply changing.

Which is why I’m re-naming this part of the blog, “Yeah. About that.” I look to tell a few stories about best laid plans make a few observations with these old, vitamin-supported eyes, and in general look to see what this new stage in life will bring.

Story One:

I started out 2017, like so many others, with the personal goals of getting healthier through exercise. Lots of exercise. Seven days a week of exercise. Then, as I’ve mentioned in the posts, some new bug or virus or government-sponsored biological weapon started in on my health. After the first bout, I recalled the old adage that sickness is the body’s way of telling one to slow down.I began to think perhaps I didn’t need to push so hard. Two days of cardio and two of strength training might be enough. I’m older, after all. Perhaps I should embrace my curves, as flabby and rippling as they may be.

About that.

A few minutes after coming to this me-affirming point of view, I had occasion to change my clothes in our bedroom, which we have been sharing with Sgt. Pepper, our cat. He had taken up his afternoon-napping position (where my feet would go should I dare sleep in my own bed) and watched the process we told him was “taking off our fur.”

I stood before him in all my curvaceous, if somewhat sagging, splendor.

Sarge started retching.

Now, I know he’d either snarfed treats or food too quickly or had a hair ball he wanted to deposit on the carpet, but one has to note the timing.

I’m back to six or seven days a week, 30-60 minutes each day of exercise. With a diet of rabbit food and other low carb “treats,” we’ll see how it works or if I should simply undress when the feline critic is snoozing elsewhere.

On another note, we seem to be struggling as a society with what ageing means and what those of us who qualify for the senior discounts should do or not do. Do we leave everything to the young? Even the ones who have money enough to pay for their youth? There are those who would recommend I ease back for the seven to ten years’ working life I have left, spending my off hours gardening, knitting and making chicken soup. Keep to myself, let the Powers that Elected Themselves G-d do what they want to the world I am leaving my children, grandchildren and, insh-allah, great-grandchildren.


About that.


Not going to happen.

If you’re whining about celebrities offering political opinions or commenting on social issues, I beg to remind you that the current, if dubiously elected, President is a celebrity of sorts. More like a celebrity-wannabe, but he certainly has offered political opinions and comments on social issues even before the election. Freedom of speech applies to all, folks.

And if you cannot understand the protests, criticisms and policing on the President’s “alternate facts,” and simply want to ‘give him a chance,’ and make ‘America First,’ I would say that those who know U.S. and World History have heard it all before. About 85 years ago, we heard those words. Need I remind you, from my Cast-Iron Bitch of a Teacher position, how that turned out?

We the People of the United States have a right and a duty to keep close watch on our elected officials. Don’t believe me? Read the Constitution, and not only the parts that make you feel good. Read your history with the same caveat – not only what makes you feel good or supports your particular point of view. It’s painfully obvious we have not done this due diligence of watch-dogging Congress or other officials, so we’d better start now if we do not want a repeat of history. History we should know and learn from.

Coming onto 60, I’ve lived (I hope) two-thirds of my life watching. Reading. I pray, learning. I suspect that last third will have to be a time of acting. Of saying on a regular basis, “Yeah. About that.”

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