More Questions

Week 69

Questions From the Edge

October flies fast away – and I hope the insects of summer fly away with it. Especially the disease-bearing ones. There’s been more than enough bugging us all of late. Much, I hope, will be done by November 9th, so we can get on with what’s left of our American lives.

However, I’ve once again found myself at a place of feeling mired in events and people and things natural or unnatural that I cannot control. Or influence, so it seems. So once again, the questions ride the carousel in my brain and keep me awake on a Sunday night.

  1. Is there really a point to a vertex or did two lines simply get tired?

  2. Who decided that 90 degrees makes a right angle? Isn’t its supplementary angle also 90 degrees and the one that’s left?

  3. What if the current mania in house building or renovation known as Open Concept actually started as “Oh Crap! We don’t have enough materials to build it properly” and then went in for the Sales Spin?

  4. Speaking of house shortcuts, what nearsighted nincompoop came up with linoleum that “looks like” hardwood floors? (Doesn’t really look like hardwood. Doesn’t feel like hardwood. Doesn’t clean or shine like it, either.)

  5. Did the positive thinking gurus start quoting Hallmark cards or did the cards start mimicking the gurus?

  6. If I have to keep returning to myself in order to be myself, who was I being, for how long and where did I go?

  7. What does a writer do when time and events and people have so interfered with a writing project that the sense and direction of the project have all but disappeared?

  8. Why does a dream from two nights ago seem clearer than the night before’s reveries? Was the dreamer dreaming of dreams or dreaming of being awake?

  9. Is it really rigging a contest against you if you’re the one who’s lying/cheating?

  10. Does there have to be a tenth question? Really?

Hoping for some answers. Somewhere. Somehow.

Tá súil agam i gcónaí!

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