Is It November 9th Yet?

Week 67

Jettisoning political correctness for a rant. You have been warned.

Is it November 9th yet?

It has come to the point the political ad smears invade almost every aspect of our daily lives; the worst being juxtaposed with appeals for help for the millions of children going hungry. The candidate in question, through actions and words, has shown no understanding, no sympathy, that these children are even suffering, let alone be able to speak to it. Quite frankly, I doubt this candidate has any information short of the Alt-Right media Cliff Notes on any issue in the current election.

Not surprising, since Ignorance seems to be the new Black.

We live in times that require attention, learning and careful thought. In my field alone, I deal with people trying to keep up with the educational bar being raised day after day simply to find employment. Not even self-supporting employment, but . Any job. And yet, stupid country that we have become, so many want to hunker down, denigrate learning and the reflection it requires, and thereby keep out any new information that might cause the disease of – horrors! – rational, logical THOUGHT that might possibly disagree with the tiny worldview box that forms their narrow little worlds.

Yes, they and their candidate deplorable. But, in the main, not irredeemable.

Some years ago, I posited the thought that the USA I know and love is in a world history sense a teenager. A wealthy, attractive, mostly intelligent teenager. Those of us who have had children know teenagers, given the right direction and example, prove to be curious, energetic, innovative, compassionate and surprisingly good people. But they have moments of selfishness, stupidity (remember, the frontal lobe is not quite attached to the brain yet), and a sulky stubbornness in the face of contradiction. And they can still throw temper tantrums (who care who threw the first punch? Violence at political rallies reek of Fascism!).

Peer pressure paired with the realities of Life can warp them into a “them vs. us” mentality. It’s an easy road at first. They feel accepted, celebrated. Until the demands start coming for action that seems questionable. Even dangerous to everyone, including family and loved ones. And those demands always come.

As they have now.

It seems as if a lot of people warn that we have seen this kind of mob mentality, anti-intelligence, xenophobic mania before. We have, but one of the ideas that this immature part of our country embraces and practically revels in, is forgetting about history.

  • Forget that contempt for education led to book-burning and street violence.

  • Forget that labeling people unlike one’s self led, and leads to this day, to genocide.

  • Forget that our families sacrificed young men and women to keep the USA, the Red-White-and-Blue from becoming a country like that.

  • Just forget all that.

That would require reading. That would require thinking. That would require learning. And for all the foul, deplorable ranting and chanting sheeple the rest of us suffer through on an hourly basis, thanks to one candidate in particular, that would be intolerable.

But they are no irredeemable. I hope. There is still curiosity, energy, innovation, compassion and surprising good in our USA. In our people.

However, we’re going to have to work hard to resurrect it.

Starting with a vote for careful consideration, inclusion and compassion.

I always hope.

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