We Clearly Choose Not

Week 65

We Clearly Choose Not

There’s a meme that keeps cropping up on Facebook picturing Wallace Shawn as The “Great Brain” Vizzini that reduces the so-called conundrum of the 2016 election to two sentences. One candidate is the corrupt liar attached to banksters, so we can “clearly not choose” her. The other is listed as a crazy, thin-skinned bully (not to mention a racist and misogynist), so we can “clearly not choose” him. Where this meme fails and fails YUGELY is in not listing the liabilities of the Libertarian and Green Party candidates as well, adding we can “clearly not choose” either of them.

Fair is fair. If two candidates go under the microscope, drag the other two under it as well. But that would assume an unbiased media, which “as everyone knows is populated by criminals” of the journalistic stripe. By this, I mean the media that reports one candidate’s every brain fart, another’s every uptick in temperature or blood pressure, and, if those “newsworthy items” are not to be had, the reports that regurgitate discredited scandals, then wallow for hours in speculation as to how “all this” will affect any candidate’s electability.

No, our lives are not easy. 99% of us are struggling to make a living, to help our children and to live as our core beliefs say we should. 99% of us are tired. 99% of us want change, change that will help us and help others (But, as the media has shown us for over a year, we want help for ourselves first, then others, if there’s any left over). The question, however, that no one wants to be asked is “What will you do to bring about the change?”

What? Us make it all change? That’s someone else’s job, isn’t it? You know, the superhero that we vote for who will make all the bad people and things go away. The political Santa Clause who will fill our stockings with every good thing we know we deserve and who will make sure The Others get sticks and coal. That one. The Strong Man (or Woman, if you are open-minded enough to remember). All through history, some would have us believe, any country at a crossroads has found a Strong Man.

Well , if we’re turn to history, we also have to remember that Santa Clause figure scenario proves to be not quite the case. Oh, it’s wonderful for a while. We’ll make almost anything work. Even if it means patrols, cameras and bugs in our homes and businesses, extra registrations. It’s all for safety, justice and our way of life, right? But the flaws will surface. Desires are not met The world moves on to a place that makes our contentment falter. Resentment grows and that’s where the Strong Man Danger arrives (and it historically is the Man). How much of our core beliefs we sacrifice to let the Strong Man cure our ills is exactly how large a price we pay for the Strong Man.

In short, a Strong Man, crossed or questioned, kills. I will avoid the obvious reference because it has been tossed around and adulterated by ignorant people until it has almost no meaning. Let me list a few others (with thanks to Piero Scaruffi):

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte: for all the good he did for France as a world power, his wars and other “fun” cost 2.5 to 3.5 million military lives, not to mention 750,000 to three million civilian lives. In the end, it all came very little; France went back to a monarchy for years.

  2. Benito Mussolini: 400,000 of his own people and thirty thousand Ethopians dead. Italy was devastated in WWII and Mussolini ended up shot and strung up by his feet in a public square.

  3. Jozef Stalin: had estimated seven to 20 million of his own people murdered.

  4. Kim Il Sung: had 1.6 million killed. The count for Kim Jon Il and his son Un is still out.

  5. Pol Pot: 1.7 murdered.

  6. Rober Mugabe: 20,000 murdered, and he’s still in office.

Here’s the point – Strong Men take strong measures to solidify their power over the people who put them in office. They do it legally if possible, illegally when they can because they can. Now I will state here that I believe none that the candidates running for President are murderers or murder-minded. However, the rhetoric I hear out there from at least one candidate and too many supporters, if acted upon, will lead to war. An all-out war with whomever offends with a word or a Tweet; and folks, lest we forget, young people are killed in war. Our young people.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but, after meaningless wars that have robbed us of so much in only my life time, I have no taste for more. Not when a cool head and a measured word will do more good than a gun or a bomb. More good comes from cool, deliberate thought then action, than from the current “popularist” knee-jerking bluster. We need to remember this. We need to vote carefully, coolly and with much thought about what we can do to help our candidate make the changes that all of our people need.


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Scaruffi, Piero. “The Worst Dictators of the 20th and 21st Centuries. ”http://www.scaruffi.com/politics/dictat.html, 1999-2016.

“The Princess Bride.” Rob Reiner. 20th Century Fox, 1987

Scaruffi, Piero. “The Worst Dictators of the 20th and 21st Centuries. ”http://www.scaruffi.com/politics/dictat.html, 1999-2016.

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