Crossroads to Where?

Week 51

It’s been a couple weeks of re-tooling, planting and hoping seeds will grow and bear fruit. Typical June, I suppose, though I do miss the anticipation and finally the reality of summer vacation. My current employment allows no such breaks. So we trundle on.

I am, however, taking a long break – about 6 months – from the political drek flowing over Facebook. So many came barely shy of reporting how often Buzz Windrip (the ass-umed Republican nominee) left skid marks in his underwear. The truest meme I could find noted that the Democrat leader is called ‘disqualified’ by the other side because, in the words of Aunty Acid, she wears her balls on her chest and they are definitely bigger than those of their candidate. Neither side is pure and the interpretations of the masses that show up as violence and lies among their supporters doesn’t help. Nor does the media ‘coverage’ that amounts to little more than a mixture of pandering and whoring; whatever brings in the dollars. I’m simply and completely sick of it all.

So I’m taking the next six months off those memes on Facebook. My blood pressure can’t take them. Anymore than it can take people appending ignorant, crude comments to a well-crafted, beautifully written life-lesson with the result (if not intent) to show these low-vocabulary mockers don’t know what they are talking about and can’t stand anyone see the good in life. Perhaps if they took their own advice and shoved their comments up where they suggest the life-lesson be inserted, they’d have a glimmer of a clue. Then again, I suppose it’s a factoid that if you speak and hear garbage, you won’t be able to see much else. The vapors alone would blind you.

According to the calendar, the year anniversary of this blog business has come and gone. I’m still behind a week, but it leaves me wondering if I can continue and how.

I have the dearest of friends who can organized and schedule like a pro. True, life does get in the way and it frustrates her, but she always gets back on track. If a bit later. I admire that. I can’t live that way, because I see and hear and think too much, but I admire it. We exchange summer “To Do” lists every year in hopes of actually accomplishing something over the next three months. Hers goes day by day. Mine looks like one of those detestable outlines I wrote about earlier. Hers is a plan for life. Mine boils down to: Finish what you started and will start, but, for G-d’s sake, FINISH!!!

Be it in chunks or marathons until my body collapses, I suppose that’s what I will be doing this summer. Finishing.

P.S. Joseph, are you listening?

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