Things I Find Amazing (and Not All in a Good Way).

  1. One day sick with an ear infection and the world seems to fall apart. So many emergencies demanding attention like pots of soup boiling over and leaving more mess than merely heating up lunch would have done, all because a day away was needed to rest and recover.

  1. How a for-profit website can claim it “cares” about its subscribers by reminding them of pictures, comments and so forth from one to five years ago. Have they considered we grow and move on, not to mention that some of that stuff we’d just as soon forget?

  1. Not to mention, part of their “caring” always involves trying to sell you something.

  1. People die every day. The famous ones catch our attention. Now, can someone please explain to me how making money with T-shirts, etc. from the death of famous people constitutes honoring their memory or supporting those who mourn them?

  2. And while we’re on the topic, even if the deceased is someone who spoke and/or acted in a way we disliked, must all the venom and hatred spill out once again? Yes, I’m speaking of the late Justice Scalia. He had a wife and children, folks, and they are in pain. Have a little respect for the living, please.

  1. That all too often mental knees jerk before real thought and careful consideration take place; and that knee-jerking response’s the leading cause of foot-in-mouth disease.

  1. That the older I get, the less I like the taste of my foot, so I try to think a little more, react a little less, and see a little more clearly what really matters.

  1. That the world can go so silent and so beautiful on a snowy, winter’s day. I may get stoned for saying this, but may it continue for another 36 days.

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