With Liberty, Justice and Registration for All

Week 30

With Liberty, Justice and Registration for All

There’s a Yiddish proverb that tells me that anger is like a thorn in the heart.That being so, I have had quite a few thorns to pull out of my heart in the past couple of weeks.For Paris, Beirut, Colorado Springs and now San Bernardino, sure; most of those thorns have dissolved in the soothing panacea of sorrow, reflection and hope that help me cope with such mindless tragedy. Most. But not all.

I harbor less and less hope, that the current crop of leader wannabes or even the media can offer anything productive to remedy whatever ails this country.For them all, it is a selling game. Whatever sounds the loudest, smells the worst and keeps their groupies furthest from clear and rational thought, that is what they sell.And sell. And sell in hopes we won’t read the fine print that tells us our rights are about to be restricted, if not rescinded. The more they talk, the more we “buy” their ideas, the less freedom we have. Particularly if “we” include women, people of color and pretty much anyone other than a white, conservative (in name) man.

Now that the glaring lies that made up the so-called Planned Parenthood videos have condemned, a conservative “news” felt it necessary to fire back at “liberals.” Following the uproar over one candidate’s call for a registry (like the Nazi registry for Jews in the 1930s and 1940s) for Muslims, the “news report” announced that 25% of the “liberals” want to register Christians and Jews, as well. “One in Four Democrats Want to Register Christians and Jews” the headline reads.

OK, first of all,where did they get this figure? I can’t help but suspect a reporter toddled off to a known “dem’crat” diner or coffee bar and either sat and listened or put the question right out there to multiples of four patrons; with the result that one of those heard/asked said it mightn’t be a wholly bad idea.The report said nothing of the gender, religious affiliation or any other demographic other beyond the “D” label.

But, second of all, because we believe the old adage, it’s in print, so it must be “true.”

Well, I’m a Jew and a registered Democrat. And I don’t believe it. That being said, I have an admission to make:

If I had been in that diner or coffee bar or what other bottom of the barrelthe report was scraped from, I would have agreed – with a condition: if, AND ONLY IF our fellow Americans who practice Islam were to be forced into a registry, then yes, the powers who could enact and enforce such a despicable, un-American act, register Christians and Jews as well.

We are all capable of terrorism and murder while holding our fingers to G-d as our Source and Inspiration. History proves it: the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the KKK on the one side; and I can’t even count the death toll from the slaughter and senseless murder recorded for our reflection in the Torah. Recent murders and violence prove it from the Planned Parenthood shooter to the murderers of a Palestinian teenager in Israel.As a wise writer once observed, “As long as there has been one G-d, there has been killing in His name.”*We are none of us innocent.

And the excuse that a few radicals does not condemn an entire community of faith won’t wash. UNLESS it applies to ALL communities of faith, including our Muslim brothers and sisters. Da’esh and their followers are NOT representative of Islam.

Let that sink in a moment.

I’ll repeat: Da’esh and their followers are NOT representative of Islam.

The KKK and Planned Parenthood shooter are NOT representative of Christianity.

Haganah and Meyer Lansky are NOT representative of Judaism.

Da’esh and their followers are NOT representative of Islam.

But force one of us into a registry for future illegal arrest and violations of an American’s rights, and you’d damned well better register us all!

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