Questions on my mind

Week 26

Some questions I have been pondering and yes, I suppose they are rhetorical:

  1. If the “fall back” part of DST is supposed to give us another hour, why does my to-do list promptly fill up with more items that will take two to three more hours?

  1. Who ripped October out from under my feet? And, speaking of October:

  1. In this day and age of political correctness, what exactly would the “trick” be if I didn’t treat the two- and three-year-olds in my neighborhood? (Not that I’d contemplate such miserliness)

  1. If the essence of a good employee is the ability to multitask (or so I gather from job ads online and in the newspaper), why do the specialists make the better money?

  1. Why don’t humans hibernate like their fellow mammals? (please don’t try to tell me that business never sleeps; business is a human construct and we could change that if we want to do so)

  1. Since when did the “what’s mine is mine and don’t you dare ask for any of it” reptilian ethics that the Sages tell us was the real sin of Sodom become today’s virtuous living?

  1. In the end, must we really check our personal email every ten minutes?

  1. What is the point of apps like Twitter and Instagram other than to prove we can all behave like idiots on a moment’s notice?

  1. When did bullying become a pre-political debate become an expected thing?

  1. And to quote one of my favorite “golden oldies,” why do I never get an answer?*


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