Directions, please

Week 25

Fregen kost kain gelt nisht*

A little over year ago, I wore my own nerves out complaining about failing memory for all the things I wanted to do, to write, and to grow. So I made up a list form of Dumbledore’s pensieve (credit to J.K. Rowling) to keep track of things. It has worked out pretty well. Like any other of the overload of lists that I keep, I’ve had to maintain it, marking the things accomplished while adding things I forgot to remember the first time. It seems a never-ending activity, but it does ease the mind that gets strained with too much going on.

I’m not a little pleasantly surprised to announce that I finished a first draft of The CPF, my take on a vampire and ghost story. Plans are to let it sit a few weeks and then go back and edit. I need the interim time to learn exactly how to sell it to an agent and/or publisher, which I think I said before is a HUGE learning curve for me. It’s not in my nature to offer my wares like a Victorian soiled dove. However, I shall have to learn how to do it and keep my dignity.

The question before me now is, whereto from here? The thousand words a day plan needs to stay in place or I will run mad. So, in the hopes of generating SOME dialogue here, I have a few questions for you, dear friends:

  1. Do you also keep a project list/pensieve?

  2. Once you finish a project, how do you decide how long to relax?

  3. How do you decide what to do next?

When I bring up my list, I find I have some items to cross off and some that could well take much longer. Prioritizing can be a p-a-n-e PAIN (to quote my daughter from when she was 9 or 10), so I’d like to kick around ideas, if you’re willing.

If you haven’t guessed, one of my “projects” is learning Yiddish, so let me close by saying I will be zetsen oif shpilkes to hear or read from you.

Don’t leave me hanging, y’all.

*It costs nothing to ask.

And remember:

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