"I Have Had Enough."

Week 18

[“I have had enough.” – Golda Meir]

It’s probably not a great idea to write a blog post with a raging headache. But I made a promise back in May, so here goes.

My Internet provider is partially to blame: it insisted on interrupting my attempts to weed my Saved Mail folder with unrequested returns to the AOL newsfeed page, where I had to repeatedly look at the GOP candidate that reminds me too much of Sinclair Lewis’ “Buzz” Windrip from It Can’t Happen Here.

Long story short, if you haven’t read the book, you should. Warning, however: it might open your eyes. The jist: a power-hungry politician cons his way into the US Presidency and begins destroying democracy first with the consent of a fearful, uninformed people and then with the coercion of a fearful, uninformed people.

Can’t happen here, right? Well, we hoped the Gilded Age of Robber Barons and glaring income inequality could never be revived, either. Thought we had things like the Anti-Trust Act and the New Deal (which, BTW, set up all the safety nets we rely on today; the same nets a too-large segment of legislators want to shred). We had Glass-Steagall, and the 14th Amendment to the Supreme Law of our Land to protect The American Way. Really? Take a look at what’s happened in only the last quarter century. That kind of bedrock protection has gone under the sledgehammers of greed and manufactured fear the earliest years of this new millenium. Some pretty big chunks have fallen to rubble because too few of us are trying to stop it.

Look around you. We may be technologically light years ahead, but the spirit is no better than it was a century or a century and a quarter ago, when it comes to income inequality and the rubbish so-called political leaders tell us to make us feel better about living under the rocks they say are our security.

The Buzz Windrips on the political scene are counting on us staying “protected” under our rocks, on our not thinking for ourselves but instead following their trail of hot air in the hopes of not having to do anything major to help ourselves. They count on mental laziness. Period.

So what’s to do about it? 1) Read. Read books, magazines and newspapers, and not the ones these people running for office recommend. They’ll always direct you to sources that support them. Read something you never thought you’d ever pick up – Lewis’ book is a fantastic start and it will hold attention. 2) Go online, too. Research all candidates’ proposals and sort the reality from the oral flatulence. 3) Listen and then think about what you hear. Weigh it in the balance of democracy, equality and justice for all.

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