New Starts and Free Speech

Week 10


I think it was E.B. White who said the best writing is rewriting, so I’m after doing my best writing on The Daemon Portfolio – again. I think this is the 6th revision and it looks like this one is going to be a lot of gutting. Can’t say I’m thrilled.

Time to make it better.

Thanks for the inspiration to keep going, Carrie F. Shepherd!

So I’ve set myself daily goals of editing for an hour, walking away, and then writing on the new project. We’ll see how it works.

P.S. I’m not sure social media is such a lovely thing. I read about the firestorm an author brought down on her head by doing a Q&A on Twitter. I gather the intent was to promote yet another volume in her questionable series and it blew up in rotten eggs on her face. Confession, folks: I’ve not read the series, nor am I interested in the movie made from it. I read what parts of the series posted on line and, sorry, it’s not my cup of English Breakfast. I passed that sort of “romance” phase about 15 years ago with Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. That being said, I couldn’t make it through more than half of Ms. Rice’s saga before I decided that was not how I define or care to read about “romance.”

The point is, we live in a free-speech kind of country, which applies both to the author and her vociferous critics. I understand the arguments on both sides (quoth my dh: I do understand). HOWEVER, if this is NOT what we as a society want to promote as a healthy romance, when will we start writing, filming and promoting the hell out of healthy, non-abusive relationships? Just because nobody’s bleeding or bruised or tied up doesn’t mean it’s boring.


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