Distractions and Rewrites

      June is just about over and I still feel like I am spending more time “selling” my work than actually writing it. It shows my age more than my silver “highlights” ever did, but there seems a lot of distractions (and I’m sorry, they’re not much more than that, as far as I can see) that a writer needs to juggle and bow to in order to become a published author. As if I needed more distractions.

Lots of rewriting and probably what will feel like “gutting” ahead this week. I apologize to anybody who read The Daemon Portfolio and liked it for what it is now. Abridged version on its way!

      I do have a website now: http://chi3037.wix.com.daemonlover. It’s a bit raw and I will be revising it as much if not more than the other selling instruments of queries, synopses…and who knows? Perhaps I’ll progress on writing my book!  I always hope.

      Most important to me that you check it out and leave me some thoughts. I’m no pro at this and, at my “advanced” age, not too old to learn.

      One item to address here, though, before I get back to either the website or the writing (Iet’s hope it’s the latter): a review of The Daemon Portfolio on Amazon consisted entirely of some wag’s notion that my initials stand for Jack The Killer. Considering last week’s post, the wag might have a point. HOWEVER, that is legally incorrect. They stand for my two given names and my maiden name. Period. Wouldn’t it be something, though, if my maiden name began with an “R”?

P.S., if you don’t get the initial reference, leave me a note and I’ll help.  If you do get the reference, leave me a note. Hate to think I’m that obscure and out of date.

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